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Hi, my name is Donna Murphy and I am a Master of Social Work, registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers.  I am also a certified meditation instructor with the Chopra Centre in San Diego and have certification in Adult Education.

I offer individual counselling for anxiety/depression, parenting, relationship struggles, and grief/loss.  I also offer couples counselling and coaching for couples already in an intimate relationship, co-parents post separation/divorce and blending families.


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Don’t Give Up

We live in a world that gives many of us the message that we should not be feeling distress.  We tell ourselves that whenever those feelings of discomfort arise, we need to “get rid of it”.  This is not the essence of life.  The fact is, life is made up of a mixture of happy times, unhappy times, sad times, confusion, stress, and feelings of uncertainty.

You are not alone and everyone needs help at times.  Because of those messages, when our lives take a downward turn we end up feeling alone and isolated in our hurt.  At a time when we need others the most, this tends to be the time when we feel most isolated.

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Often I see that when individuals/couples are struggling, as we all do, rather than reach out for help, they wait until things have gone from bad to worse.  By that time, we are really in distress.  The reality is that when we seek help as soon as things begin to awry, we are able to refocus and gain a greater understanding without further pain.

In Honour of my Father’s Memory, special pricing for trades persons and their families.

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Coming Soon – Workshop for Improving Your Relationship

Want a better relationship?  Tired of arguing and disagreeing?  Tried many different times to have loving communication?  So many times in practice I see couples and individuals who all want the same thing.  Can you guess what that is?  Better communication and more love in their relationships.  Well I have been hard at work developing a workshop for individuals and couples to address just that desire.  The beauty of this workshop is that anyone can attend.  The first part of the workshop will be for those i individuals who wish to do some hard work on themselves to attract to themselves better relationships.  The remainder of the workshop will be for couples.  The beauty is all can attend.  The individuals who attend the first part will be a smaller fee than the couples who attend the entire workshop.  I will promise to deliver!! If you are interested and think you might like to join, send me an email to let me know you would like to join.  Oh and by the way there is some secret added bonuses I haven’t told you about but will do when I hear your interested.

Harvard Study Finds Yoga And Meditation Reduces Healthcare Cost By 43%


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