Individual Counselling

I offer one on one counselling for individuals struggling in areas such as coping with anxiety/depression, grief/loss (via death, divorce/separation, children aging, self esteem/self worth, and parenting.


Counselling is a useful and beneficial tool to help us begin to become aware of and change our choices in our daily lives.  This leads to improvements in overall health and well being.  For those of us who are busy with life, this is a helpful support.  Retreats offer something slightly different.  In a retreat we are removed from our daily lives of decision making, organizing and planning and immersed in a relaxed environment where we are able to begin getting back in touch with that part of ourselves that is wise and whole.

I offer retreats for couples, individuals who wish to learn to reduce their stress and blended families.  The retreats use a combination of educational and relaxation to help us begin to see our lives with a different perspective.