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Individual Counselling

I offer one on one counselling for individuals in topic areas such as self esteem, anxiety and parenting.  Often when individuals come in to see me they are struggling in “relation” to someone or something.


Counselling is a useful and beneficial tool  but if you ask me about seeing a therapist for long periods of time, I wouldn’t agree that is necessary.  Sounds a little like I am not being a good business person, right?  Au contraire mon ami, I am in this to help point the direction toward healing and living your best life and this indeed translates into satisfaction in life and my purpose and meaning.  Ok maybe I don’t make millions but is that success when those who make lots of money are still unhappy?  Must be something else happening and how we define success.  But I digress, I prefer to have a few sessions (2-3) and then at a reduced rate some coaching in a more relaxed environment over coffee which cost way less than seeing a therapist and helps you maintain those positive changes.