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Blended Families

There is no doubt about it, when we have children our lives change.  Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, more like a baptism by fire.  Add into this the fact that we are trying our best to have a healthy relationship and it is not hard to see how stressful life can get.  When we are no longer in an intimate relationship with the other parent of our child(ren) life changes yet again.  Add another layer of having to introduce a new partner and children and our lives become even more complex.

Parenting a step child is NOT the same as parenting a biological child.  There are different tools that call upon us to have in order to develop a relationship with our step children.  This involves the biological parent (your partner).  When we don’t know how to step parent successful typically the relationship suffers.

Anyone who would like to begin arranging for a workshop on blending families please contact me.