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My Philosophy:

Change the Way You Think About Growth


Couples Counselling

Learn to improve your communication through self awareness.


Group Meditation

Group Meditation Classes for Beginners Available


Hi, my name is Donna Murphy and I am a Master of Social Work, registered with the Alberta College of Social Workers.  I am also a certified meditation instructor have certification in Adult Education.

In the summer/fall this year there will be some exciting changes coming that will show you how to transform your life and it will be affordable.  One of the struggles I have is the lack of affordable and accessible mental help available.  I am planning some ways to help address this issue.  Stay tuned.


Pain is not there to Hurt You, It’s there to Heal You

We live in a world that gives many of us the message that we should not be feeling distress.  We tell ourselves that whenever those feelings of discomfort arise, we need to “get rid of it”.  This is not the essence of life.  The fact is, life is made up of a mixture of happy times, unhappy times, sad times, confusion, stress, and feelings of uncertaint

Why Don’t You Listen

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One complaint I often hear in session is "my partner doesn't listen to me" or "he/she doesn't understand me".  Of course often the partner, unless they actually have an issue…

The Importance of Friendship in Couples

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We live in a world that sees us treat outsiders better than our partners.  Being a curious person, I naturally ask myself “what is that? Why does this happen?” Is…

Where do I Start to Learn Better Communication?

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Where do I start to Learn Better Communication This is a question I am asked much of the time in sessions.  All success in relationships begins with a loving and…

Don’t Let Pride Get in the Way of Healing

Learn More   Start Healing

Coming this summer/fall new and innovative ways to heal yourself without the costly therapy.  A new, affordable and accessible approach to healing.  Stay tuned.